Working together

We work closely with management to execute a professionalised investment strategy, utilising best-in-class private equity techniques.

Our Approach

While each investment requires its own business development plan, the key principles of our approach remain constant

Trust and integrity

We are straightforward people focused on finalising a transaction on the agreed terms and conditions while ensuring transparency and clarity of communication throughout the process.

Reliable and efficient execution

Time is always of the essence - we ensure our involvement minimises disruption and promotes efficiency benefiting both the vendors and the businesses in which we invest.

Best-in-class value creation techniques

We consistently seek to help accelerate improvements in our companies’ post-acquisition operational performance by implementing best-in-class practices based on the team’s extensive private equity experience.


The strength and clarity of the relationship between Vespa Capital and management are essential elements that maximise the success of our investments

In every investment:

  • Management retain responsibility for running the business and day-to-day operations without investor interference.
  • Management and Vespa Capital monitor and review the business strategy on an ongoing basis.
  • We ensure that the management team have sufficient resources, freedom and flexibility to deliver the agreed strategy.
  • We deliver highly attractive equity incentive schemes, that promote goal congruence.
  • Our personal investment alongside management teams' ensures clear goal alignment.

Where we contribute:

  • Improving Board effectiveness, that in turn, develops operational performance and refines strategic priorities.
  • Helping to hone management skills and enhance capabilities.
  • Bringing substantial lower mid-market operational improvement experience and expertise.
  • Leveraging our network and resources.
  • Enhancing financial focus and understanding.
  • Working together on delivering successful acquisitions / divestment's.
  • Developing key current and future stakeholder relationships.

Values & Experience

We deliver the highest levels of professional standards and integrity throughout our business activities. Our core values are vital to building rewarding relationships and essential to our investment approach

Trust is the basis of our business relationships

Our success is dependent on building strong business partnerships. Through trust and open communication, we seek to achieve outstanding business results.

Professional excellence underscores everything we do

We seek to influence value creation and growth initiatives through the adoption of best-in-class practices, based on our significant mid-market experience. Vespa Capital achieves this through the application of a rigorous, disciplined and highly systematic approach rarely seen in the lower mid-market.

Entrepreneurship and creativity

Like our partners, we strive to be creative and entrepreneurial, focusing on creating an environment which facilitates and rewards entrepreneurial achievement. We recognise that having the ability to be innovative is essential.

A wide range of experience

Our executives have substantial international experience in assisting businesses effect step growth and in helping deliver significant performance improvements.

We also have a unique investor base of experienced entrepreneurs and industrialists, from whom we can draw support for our portfolio companies.

We don’t rely on an external investment committee, enabling flexible and swift decision making.

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