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Digital Twin software for complex industrial assets


Vespa Capital was able to demonstrate a very credible track record of growing technology enabled companies and adding real value to management teams through mentoring.

Dan Millard, CEO at Eserv

Business Profile

Eserv is a leading SaaS provider that revolutionises the maintenance of complex industrial assets through its Digital Twin technology.

Eserv create and provide highly accurate 3D virtual representations of industrial assets which enable the efficient remote management of assets, reduction in onsite surveys and the consolidation of disparate asset data. 

AS-TEG, Eserv’s proprietary technology platform, is used by an increasing number of leading global energy companies across renewables, nuclear and O&G and has proven to reduce onsite survey and inspection costs by up to 70% as well as the associated carbon footprint.

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Investment Date
December 2022

Key Strengths

Vespa Capital invested in Eserv in December 2022, attracted by its differentiated high-quality service grounded in the team's technical engineering backgrounds. This is demonstrated by minimal customer churn and high reoccurring revenue streams.

  • Dan Millard founded Eserv in 2015 and following the development of the AS-TEG platform, has led the business through a period of rapid growth. The Eserv management team are dynamic, entrepreneurial and have deep experience in the engineering of complex industrial assets. 

  • The digital twin market is benefiting from thematic tailwinds as energy companies are increasingly adopting technology to achieve cost savings, operational efficiencies and increase their focus on ESG - Eserv has leading technology to help them achieve these goals.

  • AS-TEG is a proven technology solution that has demonstrated efficiency benefits and cost savings across several industrial asset types, particularly the savings of onsite survey and inspection costs as well as the associated reduction in carbon footprint. 

  • Eserv’s 3D digital twins are precisely developed from assets in the field and are developed to an engineering standard of accuracy; this enables robust and reliable 3D analysis to be performed remotely. AS-TEG also consolidates an asset’s various data feeds and sources into an independent platform. This gives a single source of truth, while enabling customers to retain control and visibility of asset data.

  • Eserv’s AS-TEG technology has been used for several diverse industrial asset types particularly in the oil, gas, and nuclear sectors; the technology has the flexibility to be applied across multiple complex industrial assets providing it with ample additional opportunities for growth in adjacent sectors. 

  • Alongside renowned energy providers and research institutions, Eserv is continuously developing exciting new additional features to its system to further increase automation, predictive capabilities and broaden its product offering.

What our clients say

Eserv has grown organically from start-up to scaling our digital twin technology and support services across five countries in three energy verticals. The management team and I are very much looking forward to starting this next chapter of growth, with our new partners at Vespa Capital.

What our clients say