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Vespa Capital hosts portfolio CEO and CMO sessions

November 2022

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Vespa Capital recently hosted collaborative networking and workshop sessions for portfolio CEOs and Chief Marketing Officers at the St James's Square office.

In the CEO seminar, the Vespa Capital team were joined by expert speakers covering topics on opportunities in China, talent acquisition and HR and perspectives on the economy. The session was another occasion for CEOs to network and to share opportunities and challenges facing their respective businesses enabled by their partnership with Vespa Capital. 

The marketing workshop bought together the leading Chief Marketing Officers from across the Vespa Capital portfolio as they discussed their various marketing strategies. 

In-depth presentations and discussion ensued around internationalisation and developing associated marketing strategies, the changing role of digital paid media and optimising the relationship between marketing and sales. 

Vespa Capital was also pleased to be joined by Danny Philamond, Head of Strategy & Growth at Punch! the B2B sales powered marketing agency who explored developments in lead generation and in particular, webinars, affiliates and partnerships.

Nigel Hammond, Managing Partner at Vespa Capital commented, "We are consistently pleased by the collaboration and innovation that is driven by bringing together members of the senior leadership teams of portfolio companies. 

Many of our portfolio companies are faced with similar opportunities and creating a forum to discuss and explore these topics is always captivating".