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Sustainability strategy, reporting and communications agency


Vespa Capital have demonstrated their commitment to ESG issues and their assistance supporting our talent strategy and identifying potential acquisition targets bodes well for our future cooperation

Victoria Taylor, CEO at Flag

Business Profile

Flag is a best-practice sustainability and ESG strategy, reporting and communications agency with an international reputation built on more than 20 years of experience and expertise.

Partners with an impressive blue-chip customer base, advising on the evolution of their ESG strategy, supporting development in line with international frameworks, performing materiality analysis and leading multi-stakeholder engagement exercises.

Through their creative and editorial divisions, Flag helps clients articulate and communicate their strategy and performance with leading ESG reports and impactful communication strategies.

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Investment Date
January 2022

Key Strengths

Vespa Capital invested in Flag in January 2022 attracted by its quality leading offering, deep sustainability and ESG expertise, and attractive underlying dynamics within the ESG reporting and communications market. Growth is expected to be driven mainly organically by a continued focus on the quality of its service and investing in additional capacity and expertise

  • Flag has more than 20 years of sustainability and ESG experience during which they have gained an international reputation as a leading provider of ESG strategy, reporting and communications. This expertise gives Flag the know-how to support sustainability strategies and powerfully communicate messages to various stakeholders.

  • Flag is led by a high quality and ambitious management team, who have successfully led the business through a period of rapid growth and have positioned the business superbly to support their growing client list and act as a forerunner in sustainability communications.

  • Flag has an impressive, international blue-chip customer base across multiple sectors including energy, technology, telecommunications, food and beverages, retail, manufacturing , healthcare and financial services to whom they partner with to manage, measure and communicate sustainable business practices.

  • Flag has experienced enviable growth aided by the increased focus on sustainability and ESG from employees, customers and other stakeholders.


What our clients say

We are excited by the new partnership with Vespa Capital as we look to further support our clients with their sustainability strategies and continue to lead our field in best-practice reporting and communications.

What our clients say