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Healthcare strategy and communications agency

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We look forward to working alongside the Vespa Capital team to continue building our specialist service proposition and expand Cognite’s geographic footprint to best serve our clients

Lee Hurley, CEO at Cognite

Business Profile

Cognite is an independent healthcare strategy and communications agency that partners with an impressive roster of specialist pharmaceutical and biotech clients to help them ‘bring science to life’.

The business has built a leading position in the rare and orphan disease space, delivering commercialisation, training, medical affairs, digital and patient engagement services.

Through their combination of scientific and creative expertise, Cognite helps its clients synthesise and convey complex medical information to difficult to reach patient and HCP populations.

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Investment Date
March 2022
Life Sciences

Key Strengths

Vespa Capital invested in Cognite in March 2022, attracted by its strong value proposition, dynamic management team and its well-established reputation in the specialty medicines sector, a market with attractive underlying dynamics. Growth is expected to be driven by a continued focus on combining deep scientific understanding with creative communication to deliver value to clients in key pharma and biotech markets.

  • Cognite is a leading provider of strategy and communications services to the specialty medicines market, which continues to experience rapid growth and consistent investment.

  • The business is led by a high quality and well-respected management team, who have fostered an ambitious and inclusive culture that continues to attract market leading talent.

  • Cognite has a strong and growing employee base of 50+ individuals, over a quarter of which hold a relevant post-graduate qualification.

  • Attractive growth opportunities lie in the expansion of Cognite’s digital offering to meet the increased demand for omnichannel strategies, catalysed by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The Group is currently based in the UK and Switzerland, with additional growth opportunities coming from future expansion into North America and other high-growth biotech hubs.

What our clients say

We look forward to working alongside the Vespa Capital team to continue building our service proposition and expand Cognite’s geographic footprint.

What our clients say