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Vespa Capital releases 2023 ESG Report

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ESG Report 2023

Vespa Capital is pleased to publish its annual ESG Report for 2023. 
Our 2023 ESG report highlights the notable progression made over the last year against the objectives defined in our ESG roadmap for 2023.

We’re particularly pleased to share the progress we’ve continued to deliver with regards to ESG improvements across our business over the last year where a focus has been on driving greater engagement on ESG matters across the portfolio.

Specific examples to highlight include the allocation of dedicated ESG responsibility to portfolio board representatives and ESG champions, launching our first portfolio wide ESG forum and furthering our work around decarbonisation and the journey towards net zero. The latter point has required the Vespa Capital team to work closely with our portfolio companies around the collection and reporting of more granular ESG data. In addition, 2023 has involved developing our ESG reporting and monitoring process, along with further embedding ESG KPIs into strategic decision-making processes and taking steps to align ESG with our broader value-creation work.

Last year, Vespa Capital also joined the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI) as well as Initiative Climat International (iCI) where we have engaged in dialogue around developing industry guidance such as the Private Markets Decarbonisation Roadmap (PMDR). This work has been reflected in our pre-investment processes, stewardship practices and in our engagement with portfolio companies. 

“The diverse and impactful initiatives that have emerged from our engagement with portfolio companies speak for themselves and are testament to the steps we are taking” says Nigel Hammond, Managing Partner

‘Progress’ is very much the word of this year’s report as we begin to review and consider the changes we have made and how we build on these going forward.”
For further insight on how our sustainability work is developing and our roadmap for the future, download the report below:

Download 2023 ESG Report