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Neil A Dawson & Co and Carter Wong Design join The Value Engineers

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DTAG group company The Value Engineers (TVE) have announced the advertising creative agency, Neil A Dawson & Co and design studio, Carter Wong have joined the strategy agency.

Carter Wong have been in business for 38 years and currently work with a multitude of clients across all sectors, from full brand identity creation, marketing communications and packaging redesign for businesses such Unilever, Lloyds of London, Glacialis, Ocean Spirit, Formula 1, National Trust and English Heritage. 

Neil A Dawson & Company was founded in 2019 and has worked with ASICS,  The Imperial War Museum, Nested Estate Agency, Freya + Bailey, Diageo and VintageFrench.com. This year they created the feature documentary Mind Games – The Experiment for ASICS.  


“This is a very exciting time for The Value Engineers. With Carter Wong & Neil A Dawson & Company onboard we now have full design and advertising capabilities to offer new and existing clients,” said Paul Gaskell CEO of TVE. 

Sarah Turner, MD of Carter Wong said, “I echo Paul’s sentiments. We have worked together in the past but this brings us closer together and feels like a win, win situation for all of our businesses”. 

Neil Dawson of Neil A Dawson & Company was equally upbeat. “All of our clients can now benefit from the range of skills we now have to offer. We all retain our individuality while being part of something that is greater than the sum of its parts”.