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Technology focused consulting, insight and transformation partner


We are excited to be joining forces with Vespa Capital to grow DTAG into a leadership position as an advisor to the world’s leading brands around how they understand and engage with technology driven customers. Vespa Capital quickly recognised our potential, and their agility and cultural alignment set them apart

Mark Scott, CEO at DTAG

Business Profile

Digital Technology Advisory Group (DTAG) is a technology-focused consulting, insight and transformation provider, consisting of three brands – 2CV, The Value Engineers and Signal.

2CV is a data-driven market research agency that provides actionable insight to its clients; The Value Engineers is a marketing strategy consultancy that specialises in brand consulting in the technology and lifestyle sectors; Signal is a technology enabled communications solutions and transformation provider, utilising its proprietary technology platform to enhance customer engagement.

All three businesses have strong reputations and expertise in the technology sector, and between them offer support across the entire length of the marketing value chain.

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Investment Date
January 2022
Tech-Enabled Services

Key Strengths

Vespa Capital invested in DTAG in January 2022, attracted by its strong positioning in the technology sector and the attractive underlying dynamics of both the marketing services and technology markets. Growth is expected to be driven by a continued focus on leveraging technology and research to generate insights and value for clients at every stage of the marketing value chain.

  • DTAG consists of three market leading businesses that provide complementary services to a shared set of high-quality clients.

  • Both the Group and the individual businesses have excellent, long-standing management teams that have grown from within their respective companies.

  • The Group is a leading provider to the technology sector, which continues to experience rapid growth and has consistent demand for DTAG's services.

  • The Group has offices in the UK, US and Singapore, allowing it to operate on a truly global scale whilst still retaining the agility and responsiveness of an independent.

  • Attractive growth opportunities lie in the potential for further commercial integration of the three brands, facilitating more cross-selling and combined offerings which will ultimately deliver more value to the Group’s customers.


What our clients say

Vespa Capital quickly recognised our potential and their agility and cultural alignment set them apart

What our clients say