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DTAG unveils suite of AI-assisted solutions and tools

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Vespa Capital portfolio company, DTAG, the provider of cutting-edge customer insight, marketing strategy and communications activation, has recently unveiled its suite of best-in-class AI-assisted research solutions.

2CV have been exploring the applications of AI for a number of years, experimenting at-length to curate tools to assist the research process ensuring quality standards are maintained.

The new solutions are Talkbot, which provides Chatbot surveys using conversational AI to deliver generative probing, creative & projective exercises and in-built AI-assisted analysis; Insight.AI, tools for speeding up the thematic analysis of unstructured data; and SmartProbe, which taps conversational AI to unlock additional qualitative depth within traditional surveys via generative AI probing. Talkbot and SmartProbe have been launched through a partnership between 2CV and conversational AI company Nexxt Intelligence | inca.

The use of AI-assisted research solutions provides interesting possibilities for researchers enabling more scalable designs with larger qualitative sample sizes, creating more accessible data analysis and generating efficiencies throughout the process. 

Jack Wilson, Innovation Lead at 2CV commented, “the AI research revolution has arrived – as researchers we need to recognise the opportunity and the urgency of getting to grips with the huge potential of this new technology…We have an opportunity to build a symbiotic relationship with AI as a powerful ally in the research process, with AI providing rapid processing power and humans providing independent thought”. 

Tim Blandford, CEO at 2CV said, “We are very excited to share this suite of tools. We believe the future of research lies in hybrid approaches that leverage the best of AI. We are constantly seeking ways to innovate in research. When used correctly, AI presents a wide range of opportunities to help us enhance our existing methodologies and processes while ensuring we continue to deliver exceptional quality work to our clients”.