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Cognite announces investment in Medical Affairs offering

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Vespa Capital portfolio company Cognite, the leading healthcare communications agency specialising in rare disease and specialty medicine, is investing to support the growth of its Medical Affairs offering with key strategic hires Dr Andrey Gurevich and Dr Chiara Triulzi.

Medical affairs is at the forefront of clinical and patient-centred insights, driving both innovative solutions and value across the entire product life cycle. The Cognite Medical Affairs team, led by Joanne Pearson, supports medical teams from clinical development through life-cycle management to effectively demonstrate value to internal and external stakeholders.

The Medical Affairs team at Cognite unites a wealth of expertise spanning pharma, communications and academia, and comprises members with extensive experience holding senior positions at Takeda, Astellas, Chameleon Communications and the Karolinska Institutet.

Lee Hurley, CEO of Cognite, commented, ‘Our proposition is all about bringing science to life, and we continue that through to our Medical Affairs offering. We understand the data, the science and the market dynamics, and we can crystallise these into a story that will resonate with audiences in the right way.’

Joanne Pearson, Medical Affairs Lead at Cognite, added, ‘We have been bringing science to life for medical teams since 2015. As we grow our talented team, which is grounded in robust scientific understanding, we are looking to the future of medical affairs and providing an offering to align with the needs of medical teams now and in the future. We support medical affairs teams to apply their expertise in the delivery of programmes that will effect change and deliver improved patient care.’

For more information on how Cognite can support your medical team, please contact Joanne.Pearson@cognite.co