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Vespa Capital releases first annual ESG report

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ESG Report 2022: Unlocking Sustainable Growth

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Vespa Capital is delighted to publish our inaugural ESG Report for the year to December 2022. This report was prepared by Flag, a Vespa Capital portfolio company, leveraging over 20 years of ESG domain knowledge and expertise.

The effective management and promotion of ESG is a fundamental component of Vespa Capital’s investment approach. The successful implementation of which is a powerful value creation lever, helping to unlock the long-term potential of the businesses we support. Sustainability and responsible investment have been at the heart of how we conduct our investment business since inception. This is ultimately underpinned by the significant financial commitment by the Partners and Investment Team to the funds we invest, which fosters alignment of our investment strategy with our own personal values. 

The ESG report demonstrates the positive progress accomplished towards our ambitious ESG agenda, with a detailed account of Vespa Capital’s ESG achievements over 2022 and our ESG roadmap for the future. Most notably, we are particularly encouraged by the positive culture of responsibility and sustainability being adopted by businesses across our portfolio. This is evident, for example, in Lumi’s significant contribution to corporate governance and emissions reduction delivered through its leading virtual meeting platform as well as commendable commitments from Catalis and Com Laude to sponsoring greater diversity and equality within their sectors and Feefo’s new product offering that promotes the independent and accredited verification of its customers’ sustainability credentials.

As we look to the future, the Vespa Capital team are united in our ambition to continue promoting positive change. This includes commitments to enhance our engagement on ESG matters across the portfolio by driving forward sustainability strategy plans and increase collaboration on ESG topics, in addition to expanding the scope of our stewardship obligations through greater participation in ESG initiatives across the private equity industry. 

With regards to Vespa Capital’s increased participation in industry initiatives, we are proud to announce our membership of the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (‘EDCI’). The EDCI is a collaborative network of private equity stakeholders committed to modernizing the private investment industry’s approach to collecting and reporting ESG data. Converging as an industry on consistent definitions allows GPs and their portfolio companies to benchmark progress and validate advancements toward ESG improvement while enabling greater transparency and more comparable portfolio data for LPs.

Nigel Hammond, Managing Partner at Vespa Capital said: “The publication of our inaugural ESG report further demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accountability on ESG matters, both to our investors and wider stakeholder groups. The Vespa Capital team are excited about the opportunities to progress Vespa Capital’s ESG programme, as we seek to leverage our position as a responsible investor to create positive change across the industries and communities served by our portfolio companies.”

Sam Calder, Investment Director and ESG lead said: “Vespa Capital’s strong ESG credentials are underpinned by our dedicated and proven investment approach, which has placed the principles of responsible investment at its core since inception. This nurtures greater strategic alignment with our investors, current and prospective management teams as well as the broader society in which we operate.”

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