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SelectScience Celebrates Queen's Award Recognition

September 2021

SelectScience has thanked the global science community for placing their trust in the company as it received the UK’s most prestigious business award.

CEO Kerry Parker paid tribute to SelectScience's many partners across the globe at their annual meeting where the Queen’s representative in Somerset, HM Lord-Lieutenant Annie Maw, joined by Deputy Lieutenant, John Laycock presented SelectScience with the 2021 Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in the International Trade category.

SelectScience has been spearheading online communication in science for more than two decades, connecting scientists and scientific manufacturers through peer-to-peer product reviews and resources such as webinars, eBooks and revolutionary video platform, The Scientists’ Channel.

When COVID-19 struck, it responded fast, launching a series of new virtual events and other online resources to support the industry through the crisis and ensure vital scientific collaboration could continue.

“We should thank all the manufacturers around the world who really make a difference to helping scientists do their research for their tremendous partnership and we should thank the scientific community for placing their trust in SelectScience,” said Kerry Parker.


A former nurse, HM Lord-Lieutenant Maw added: “What you’re doing is all about today and tomorrow. Young people ought to know about centers of energy like this, it would make them so excited about what’s happening around the corner."

Receiving the coveted award, SelectScience CEO Kerry Parker also thanked the SelectScience team for their commitment to delivering high-quality content and exquisite service, as well as Vespa Capital who partnered with the company earlier this year.