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biopharma summit 2022

SelectScience partners with BioPhorum to launch Virtual Biopharmaceutical Summit 2022

November 2022

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Vespa Capital portfolio company SelectScience will next week launch the Virtual Biopharmaceutical Summit 2022 in partnership with BioPhorum.

The summit offers an interactive forum for scientists and manufacturers to connect, showcase the latest research and share cutting-edge technology solutions for biopharmaceutical research and development. 

Featuring presentations by world-leading scientists from market players such as AstraZeneca, Bayer, Eli Lilly, Janssen and Roche amongst others, the summit will focus on core topics surrounding cell line development and gene therapy and bioanalysis techniques. 

Vespa Capital is pleased to have facilitated the connection between SelectScience and previous investee company, BioPhorum enabling scientists from across the global to explore important developments in biopharma.