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Origo launches new Dashboard Connector product

October 2022

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Vespa Capital portfolio company, Origo, has announced the launch of Origo Dashboard Connector, a new product to enable pension providers and administrators to connect to the forthcoming pensions dashboard.

Origo is delivering all of the key functional components of the central digital architecture to the Pensions Dashboard Programme, specifically around the pension finder service and the consent and authorisation service.

Utilising this expertise, the business developed a connector solution to help pension providers connect their books to the pensions dashboard, which is compliant, secure and cost effective.

Origo Dashboard Connector provides three distinct services:

1)    Connector to the pensions dashboard central digital architecture, securely and compliantly.
2)    Find service which responds to an individual’s request to know if a company has a policy in their name.
3)    View service, which enables the secure holding of valuation data which can then be provided to the pensions dashboard in response to the consumer’s request.

Providers can choose whether they want simply to connect to the pensions dashboard or add the Find and the View services. With the full service, when a request comes in, the Origo Dashboard Connector will deal with it in full without any input from the pension provider. 

A pillar of Vespa Capital’s value creation strategy is working collaboratively with senior leadership teams on technology development. The support and encouragement to invest in product innovation to best serve customers enables businesses to stay ahead of competitors and facilitates future growth.

Anthony Rafferty, CEO of Origo commented, “We’re already seeing the benefits of working with Vespa Capital. Very recently we took the business case for this new service to the board, and it was a fantastic conversation, a really good challenge, with some good ideas generated. Origo Dashboard Connector was funded, and the development team assembled the next day, so we’re really enjoying this collaborative approach with Vespa Capital.

“Origo has been fully committed to progressing pensions dashboards from the day the project was announced in 2016. Our 30-year history has been about delivering ground-breaking technology to make financial services more efficient and cost-effective and improve outcomes for savers and investors. 

“A key part of our mission is to connect the financial services industry for the benefit of everyone, and every member of our expert team is genuinely passionate about delivering this.”