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Lumi Global Announces Product Innovation for Q&A Sessions

Lumi Global Announces Product Innovation for Q&A Sessions

March 2021

Vespa Capital portfolio company, Lumi Global, the world-leading provider of AGM technology has made innovations to its virtual voting platform to help streamline the Q&A process further.

As we enter another, largely virtual, AGM season in many geographies, organisations are assessing how to handle questions when participants are attending online. Utilising the Lumi Global platform, they can ensure a seamless Q&A section as part of a harmonious meeting experience delivered by expertly developed technology.

Through the Lumi Global platform, remote participants are able to ask questions which are then reviewed, vetted and categorised by the moderator and subsequently provided to the Chairman. The participant can see similar questions on the same topic which directs them towards the most relevant person to answer. In a hybrid meeting, questions are alternated between virtual and in-the-room participants.

For complete transparency, meeting holders can choose to collate, publish and answer all questions after the meeting. The Lumi platform can help deliver increased efficacy, momentum and efficiency really boosting shareholder confidence in the entire AGM process.