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Vespa Capital becomes a signatory to the Initiative Climate International

Vespa Capital is pleased to announce participation and membership of the Initiative Climate International (iCI), a climate action initiative for the private equity industry, supported by the UN PRI.

iCI is a global, practitioner-led community of private equity firms and investors that seek to better understand and manage the risks associated with climate change. The iCI has expanded internationally and now counts nearly 250 firms as members representing over US$3.5 trillion in AUM. 

iCI signatories are characterised by their active participation in the development of pragmatic solutions to measuring, assessing and mitigating climate-related financial risk. 

Vespa Capital recognises that climate change will have an adverse effect on the global economy and is therefore committed to join forces to contribute to the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to well-below 2°C by actively engaging with portfolio companies to help them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Sam Calder, Investment Director at Vespa Capital commented, “This marks another exciting development in the evolution of our responsible investment programme. Vespa Capital’s participation in the iCI further underpins our commitment to promote greater stewardship of the climate, both within our organisation and across the businesses in which we invest. We look forward to actively participating in the iCI initiative and driving forward this important agenda.”