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Supporting Kenyan communities to live resourcefully from their land.

Supporting Kenyan communities to live resourcefully from their land.

April 2021

For almost a decade, Vespa Capital has been supporting The Haller Foundation, and its efforts to revive fragile, degraded landscapes in and around Mombasa, whilst transforming the livelihoods of the communities that live off the land.

Haller's model - known as The Haller Journey combines best practice and science, promoting a model for development that is both sustainable and environmentally sound. Through the partnership with Vespa Capital, we have provided WASH infrastructure with rain-fed dams, wells, and eco-loos for over 5000 people who had been farming on poor soils, without water security and any access to medical services. More widely the Vespa Capital partnership has supported farmer training in regenerative agriculture at Haller’s Training and Research Centre, with programmes designed to meet the challenges of climate change and build resilience, and has connected 54 communities to Haller Health services, supporting them in building healthy lives.

In 2020 when support was critically needed, Vespa Capital managed to host the 9th Annual Golf Event at Sunningdale, days before the second lockdown bringing the new total raised to over £350,000. This has provided the means for us to continue to support farmers throughout Covid 19, delivering a Public Health Campaign to prevent the spread of the virus. The developments in 2020 also provided the impetus for the redevelopment of the 2014 Farming App, which now includes advice on Covid 19, new content for farming, conservation and enhanced the user experience. We are delighted that it was awarded The Best Android App of the Year in the 2020 UK App Awards. We see great potential for the role of technology in enabling small-holder farmers to earn more viable livelihoods.

The Vespa Capital partnership and access to its network of companies and investors enables us to deliver practical projects to rural Kenyan communities through giving knowledge and resources that are otherwise inaccessible to them.