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COVID-19 funding to support East African communities that will be devastated by this Virus

April 2020

COVID - 19 will impact us all – but it will have a devastating impact on communities who lack running water and who congregate at a single tap or well for water. Vespa Capital has been a longstanding supporter of the Haller Foundation that supports sustainable and environmentally sensitive economic development in Kenya.  Many of the communities they support will consist of families living in one room, with basic sanitation and a lack of soap or sanitiser which makes them very vulnerable to mass infection. This is compounded by the nature of life where all activities are community-based from farming to cooking, and means social distancing will need explanation, and will need a fundamental change to traditional customs. (E.g. Burial ceremonies where typically anywhere from 500 – 1000 people gather for days) The government is overwhelmed and has already resorted to military action, to try to keep control.

Haller is working actively with the people they have supported over previous years to support them through this brutally difficult time.  A link to their activities may be found here; http://haller.org.uk/

Since Vespa Capital started to support Haller, we have raised from our own resources and with the help of our closest friends in business over £300k to Haller Foundation and this has supported communities with rain fed dams, well and eco-loos, the Haller farmers  app and enabled Haller to expand the range of health services we provide to include Family Planning. Furthermore, we have made an additional donation to support what they are currently trying to achieve in the fight against COVID-19.