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Vespa Capital Golf Day Raises nearly £400,000 for the Haller Foundation

November 2021

Earlier this month, Vespa Capital hosted the 10th annual Haller Foundation Golf Day at the glorious Sunningdale Golf Club.

Good spirited, friendly competition was seen between the teams, including many returning groups from previous years, with the event raising over £38,000 for The Haller Foundation.

Vespa Capital have supported the charity over the past ten years with the golf day successfully raising almost £400,000 which has helped The Haller Foundation to reach new communities, provide additional services and expand their impact across Kenya. 43 communities Haller have worked with are now economically sustainable and driving their own progress.

For the past 20 years, The Haller Foundation has sought to help smallholder farmers in Kenya transform depleted landscapes into fertile, livelihood sustaining regions by supporting them through water access, farmer training and health & education programmes.

The challenges faced by smallholder farmers in Kenya have radically changed with the eighteen-month drought the region is currently facing, combined with the impact of COVID-19 on livelihoods, particularly of women and children, across Kenya. To alleviate these pressures, Haller are running additional support and feeding programmes until the next rains which are due in April 2022.

Going forward Haller is embarking on the development of a sustainable and certified carbon offset project, which will generate income from the sale of carbon credits in the voluntary carbon market. This income is paid directly through the programme to farming communities who receive at least 60% of each carbon credit as payment for regenerative farming using nature-based solutions. This will be a significant step towards their longer-term viability whilst continuing with Haller’s vision of creating thriving communities and ecosystems.

Vespa Capital is, once again, very grateful to all the supporters of the Golf Day and we look forward to another successful event in 2022.