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The Haller Foundation launch short film showcasing impact

January 2023

Vespa Capital’s long-standing charity partner The Haller Foundation recently launched a short film showcasing their work in rural Kenyan communities.

In the film, the team tells the story of Haller; from Dr. Haller’s life's work in restoring degraded quarried landscapes, to supporting smallholder farmers in Kenya to transform their livelihoods, and exploring what the future holds for Haller.

The film depicts Haller’s work and impact to date, through past, present, and future lenses. It provides insights to what Haller does and how they have supported over 54 Mombasa communities and built over 50 rain-fed dams and wells to overcome some of the challenges smallholder farmers face as a result of a changing climate.


The film titled Ecology & Economy, has been nominated in this year’s Smiley Charity Film Awards, the world’s largest campaign to promote cause-based films.

Vespa Capital is proud to support The Haller Foundation where over £400,000 has been raised to fund their work.