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Curve Games releases For The King II

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Vespa Capital portfolio company Curve Games, a division of Catalis Group, is thrilled to announce the launch of For The King II.

For The King II builds on the hugely popular and successful original game’s challenging blend of strategy, turn-based combat, and roguelike elements to create an epic new experience.

The new title now features four player co-op where players can gather a party to battle through Fahrul as you risk everything to fight the tyrannical Queen Rosomon and bring an end to her oppressive reign.

From the creators of For The King, the much-loved RPG that blends roguelite and tabletop gameplay comes a new chapter in Fahrul’s history, designed on an updated engine bringing innovation and gameplay refinement for returning heroes and new adventurers alike.

For The King II is developed by IronOak Games Inc, which was acquired by Curve Games in November 2020, and published by Curve Games publishing division.