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Com Laude announce new re-shaped brand

Com Laude announce new re-shaped brand

April 2021

Vespa Capital portfolio company, Com Laude, are delighted to announce their new, re-shaped brand identity.

Com Laude adopt a unique approach to domain name services and are now setting the highest “client-shaped” standards in the market.

The newly developed identity reflects Com Laude’s distinctive approach to premium delivery and extensive support of domain name services which are crafted to fit each and every client’s unique requirements.

Com Laude provides five core Client-Shaped service pillars; Domain Management (registrations, renewals, audits and acquisitions), Watch and Enforcement (domain name monitoring with recovery and dispute management), Security (to mitigate and help prevent cyber-attacks and online fraud), Dot Brands (assessment, engagement and delivery for the next round of Dot Brand applications), and Consultancy

Com Laude currently has c.300,000 domains under management and provides its services to a loyal and growing base of over 500 clients and channel partners. Com Laude is strongly endorsed by some of the world’s most recognisable brands.