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Com Laude launch Com Laude Intelligence Tool

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Vespa Capital portfolio company, Com Laude Group has unveiled their latest technology offering, Com Laude Intelligence. (“Intelligence”).

Designed to ensure that clients' domain portfolios demonstrate a positive return on investment, this cutting-edge tool leverages an array of data points to maximize their domain's performance. Using automated analysis, artificial intelligence, and proprietary algorithms, Intelligence provides clients with a visual representation of their domain portfolio's status, empowering them to make informed decisions and enhance their online brand presence.

With Intelligence, Com Laude's domain strategists work with clients to easily identify surplus domains that are no longer needed and discover the domains that require additional protection to strengthen their brand positioning. The tool goes beyond simple monitoring, generating comprehensive gap analysis reports that pinpoint areas of potential overspending.

Furthermore, Com Laude has also invested in revamping the user experience of their online domain portal, catering to diverse language preferences, offering a fully responsive design, and ensuring seamless access for clients across all Com Laude's services.

The redesigned portal, built using modern technology and agile development methodologies, positions Com Laude as the leading provider of global domain portfolio services and management, reaffirming their commitment to delivering exceptional value and support to their clients.

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