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Vespa Capital hosts CEO Day 2023

Vespa Capital was pleased to host our yearly portfolio CEO day last week bringing together executives from across the group.

Held at Vespa Capital’s St James’s Square office, the day included various guest speakers bringing their expertise to discussions around the economy, generative AI and managing private equity exits.

Vespa Capital was pleased to be joined by Janet Henry, HSBC’s Global Chief Economist who provided a wide perspective on global markets, and an overview of key macro-economic trends. 

Dr Chris Brauer, Director of Innovation at Goldsmiths, University of London then discussed identifying, evaluating and implementing generative AI opportunities in a very interesting area of focus for all the Vespa Capital portfolio companies.

Finally, Dr Ben Ramsbottom, CEO of Random42 gave his reflections on his private equity journey touching on managing exits and developing a coherent strategy. 

Tom Chaloner, Partner at Vespa Capital commented, “I would like to thank Janet, Chris and Ben for sharing their perspectives and for the CEOs in participating in a thought-provoking, collaborative and enjoyable day. 

We believe partnership and knowledge sharing is vital to business success and bringing together the CEOs in an informal, open setting provides a brilliant forum.”