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BioPhorum included in FT 1000

BioPhorum included in FT 1000

June 2020

Congratulations to our portfolio company BioPhorum for being identified as one of Europe’s fastest- growing companies by the Financial Times for 2020, following on from their inclusion in the annual Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 at the end of 2019.

The FT 1000 was compiled in partnership with Statistica, and this year includes companies with a compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2015 and 2018 of 38.4% or higher. BioPhorum’s inclusion in the FT 1000 recognises their expansion and innovation, whilst also maintaining their position as a powerful vehicle for change within the industry.

With the introduction of a new Phorum on Cell and Gene Therapy (C&GT) in 2018, BioPhorum continues to grow from strength to strength. More than 90 member companies take part in the now 7 Phorums, coming together to solve industry challenges and accelerate their rate of progress.

The FT 1000 2020 report notes the hurdles to growth this year for European companies, including Brexit uncertainties and the spread of COVID-19. Only those businesses with agility and technological innovation at the heart will be able to thrive and we’d like to thank the management team at BioPhorum for leading the business through the last few months in particular and for demonstrating those exact qualities.

You can read the full report here: https://www.ft.com/reports/europes-fastest-growing-companies