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BioPhorum respond to COVID-19

BioPhorum respond to COVID-19

June 2020

As a business that prides itself on creating a collaborative environment for the benefit of all, BioPhorum was quick to respond to the industry needs triggered by COVID-19. BioPhorum connects the world’s largest biopharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers in order to solve pertinent pre-competitive industry challenges and improve operational best practices in areas such as drug development, drug substance and supply through several forums “Phorums” available to licence holders. COVID-19 has presented the team with the opportunity to do everything possible to help the global community during this time.

BioPhorum has always been a remotely based business with staff working via internet enabled tools, this has previously enabled all participants to engage on an ongoing basis globally but has also meant that clients and staff have been protected from the onset. This agility also enabled them to react quickly and understand early on how the team might be able to help. The below summarises some of the activities that they have undertaken in contribution to the pandemic response:

• Publication of BioPhorum resources that could make the biggest impact on capacity build and speed to market. Available for free download through the website: https://www.BioPhorum.com/resource/COVID-19/

• Facilitating sharing between global heads of operations on pandemic practices to protect the supply of therapies

• Providing best practice approaches and templates to The Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre UK

• Building coalition to mitigate extending lead times for single use systems with Supply Partners

• Benchmarking COVID-19 related tactics and implications of return to work and a ‘new normal’ in the IT Phorum, focusing on cybersecurity and digitisation

• Identification and connection of available capability and capacity to support global Clinical and Commercial supply for a COVID-19 treatment (March 2020)

• Identification and connection of available capability and capacity to support global commercial supply for a COVID-19 vaccine, currently in late phase clinical trials (May 2020)

Should you have any questions on the downloads, would like additional support navigating the library or if you have an idea on how BioPhorum can help further, please contact a member of Vespa Capital or go direct through the BioPhorum website: https://www.BioPhorum.com/contact-us/

As their contribution becomes clearer and efforts progress, BioPhorum will provide updates via their website and on LinkedIn announcements.