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Rocksteady Music School receives investment from Vespa Capital to amplify impact.

  1. Vespa Capital
  2. Vespa Capital Invests In Rocksteady

Vespa Capital is pleased to announce its investment into Rocksteady Music School (“Rocksteady”), the UK’s leading provider of progressive, inclusive, and empowering music education services to primary schools and children. 

Rocksteady has a vision to transform music education for the next generation by delivering progressive lessons in a band-setting, all underpinned by market-leading technology solutions, to tens of thousands of children across thousands of primary schools.

In addition, through Rocksteady’s in-house Foundation, the business is proud to deliver over £2 million of free teaching each year through bursary places and the provision of hundreds of free charity events. The Foundation allows some of the most vulnerable children in society to enjoy the wellbeing, fun and educational benefits of playing music in a band.

The Arts play an increasingly important role in supporting wellbeing and preparing children for an AI enabled workplace; primary schools do an incredible job but are resource constrained. Rocksteady offers a unique solution, delivering high quality, parent funded music education at scale, whilst also making these services accessible to the most disadvantaged pupils for free. 

Together, Vespa Capital and Rocksteady are partnering to support the roll-out of Rocksteady lessons across the UK and internationally, as well as developing further technology to reduce the attainment gap and provide children with an exciting music education.

Founded by Mark Robinson in 2007, Rocksteady is proud to have received recognition in the FT1000 Fastest Growing Companies and the Education Awards, Wellbeing Resource of the Year.

Mark Robinson commented, “17 years ago, I witnessed first-hand how many children were put off learning an instrument with outdated curricula and teaching methods. I wanted to break down barriers and empower more children with a music education that was enjoyable and enabled every child to succeed. I am thrilled that this new partnership will lead to Rocksteady being enjoyed by many more children.”

Scott Monks, CEO of Rocksteady, added, ”Building on Mark’s original vision and insights, the incredible team at Rocksteady have created a unique, for-profit, for-good business of scale, which ensures tens of thousands of primary school children get to experience the joy of music education and the wider social and academic benefits that performing in a Rocksteady band brings.

“Along the way, Rocksteady has become the largest employer of musicians on a full-time basis and is leading the way in measurement through an Ofqual regulated, exam-free music qualification, which harnesses an impressive propriety technology stack and revolutionises the way children are recognised for their achievements. We are determined to bring the magic of Rocksteady to many more children, worldwide, and are extremely excited about the experience and resources that Vespa Capital can contribute in this area.

David Forbes, Partner at Vespa Capital, commented, “We have been thoroughly impressed with what Mark, Scott and the wider Rocksteady team have built to date. The business has significant proprietary technology which underpins the market leading service provided to schools, parents and children. We are excited about the opportunity to extend the reach of Rocksteady as it seeks to positively impact the confidence, wellbeing and resilience of children during their formative years in primary education, whilst also contributing to their academic progress.”

Vespa Capital was advised by DLA Piper, CIL Management Consultants, RSM UK, Lockton, GK Political, Crosslake and The Continuum. Debt facilities were provided by ThinCats.

Rocksteady Music School’s shareholders were advised by Clearwater and Foot Anstey.