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Our Team Tom Chaloner
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Tom Chaloner

Partner & Investment Committee member


Tom has been a Partner at Vespa Capital since 2013 and has been involved in various investments including, WSP Textiles, Catalis, Imagesound, Random42 and BioPhorum. He currently sits on the Boards of CHASE, Flag and DTAG.

Tom has worked in Venture Capital and Private Equity since 1998 having been Head of Portfolio at HSBC Ventures until 2002 and then a Partner at Montagu Private Equity until 2009 where he focused on portfolio management.

Having extensive NED experience in various sectors and countries including the UK, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland and Tom has been involved in over 50 exits.

Tom holds various professional qualifications including an MBA and originally trained as a Banker with Midland Bank/HSBC having had various management roles before becoming involved in Venture Capital and Private Equity.