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Leading manufacturer of high performance textiles for sporting applications

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Vespa Capital managed to comprehensively assimilate the business and its drivers and, in doing so, built up a significant degree of trust with the management team

David Smith, CEO at WSP Textiles

Business Profile

WSP textiles is a producer of speciality textiles renowned for their technically superior performance used in the sports and leisure industry, specifically the coverings for tennis balls and snooker & pool tables

Based in Stroud, UK, WSP Textiles supplies quality products under the brands of Strachan and Playne's and is used by global sports equipment manufacturers such as Wilson, Babolat, Star, Slazenger and Dunlop. 

With a heritage going back 250 years, WSP is internationally recognised and sells to over 40 countries with an established presence in China and S.E Asia.

Vespa Capital exited WSP Textiles in a sale to strategic trade buyer Peltzer & Fils S.A

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January 2016
Industrial Products

Investment Summary

Vespa Capital sold WSP Textiles in January 2016. During our investment, Vespa Capital supported WSP with a significant 5-yr CAPEX program as well as other value creation initiatives.

  • Focus on developing the Chinese market, supported by third party research, to take advantage of growing participation in snooker and tennis
  • Recruitment and structuring of new finance team along with improved financial reporting systems, hedging strategy and management information
  • Management succession plan implemented with recruitment of senior sales professionals
  • Investment in R&D, including development of new non-woven tennis cloth

What our clients say

Vespa Capital quickly understood the opportunities and challenges the business currently faces and we are delighted to partner with such a constructive, experienced and helpful firm.

What our clients say