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Disruptive will writing and probate legal services

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Vespa Capital have a strong track record in helping companies such as ours reach their growth potential and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be invaluable as we commence the next part of our journey to build on our strong foundations and help many more clients preserve their legacies.

Carrie Caladine, CEO at Right Legal Group

Business Profile

Right Legal Group is an innovative provider of will writing and probate legal services to clients across the UK. 

As a fully SRA regulated law firm, Right Legal provide a first-class, advisory-led service ideally placed to reshape how individuals make their wills. Established in 2014, Right Legal has supported over 30,000 clients through its RightWill service which provides a platform for people to preserve their financial assets and emotional wishes for future generations.

Right Legal’s unique business model looks to transform the UK wills and probate market by embracing innovation and digitalisation and investing in product development, further expanding its training academy and accelerating acquisitions in a highly fragmented sector. 

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Investment Date
January 2024
Tech-Enabled Services

Key Strengths

Vespa Capital invested in Right Legal Group in January 2024, attracted by its expertise and high standards, and their drive to disrupt and innovate for the benefit of their customers.

  • Right Legal Group was founded by Carrie Caladine, Mike Simpson and Keith Dearling in 2014 and is as an SRA (Solicitors Regulatory Authority) regulated law firm. The team are entrepreneurial, highly experienced, and passionate about helping people preserve their financial and emotional legacies. 

  • The business enjoys favourable market dynamics that underpin its growth potential. These include the ageing population in the UK, increasing complexity of family structures and, rising complexity of probate and property wealth, all of which contribute to a growing awareness of the need to establish a high quality will and using the services of probate experts in administering estates.

  • Right Legal has pioneered an innovative business model that disrupts the traditional legal services industry, which has seen minimal digitalisation thus far. Right Legal’s approach is both novel and efficient, and supported by technology, all while maintaining a highly personalised and sensitive experience for its customers. 

  • Right Legal’s team of highly experienced and knowledgeable legal advisors have an excellent reputation in the market and the team have provided tailored advice to over 30,000 clients. The Right Legal Training Academy is market leading and unparalleled in the sector. It enables a regular inflow of highly trained advisors to join the business who provide specific advice to Right Legal’s clients.

  • The structural change of the high street legal sector aligns perfectly with Right Legal's strategy of additional growth through M&A. Right Legal has a track record of sourcing, executing and successfully integrating acquisitions and is a replicable model going forward.

What our clients say

Our team have worked so hard over the first 10 years to establish our first-rate service and business model, and we look forward to building on the strong foundations alongside our investment partners at Vespa Capital

What our clients say