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Critical infrastructure fintech provider to the pensions and lifetime savings industry

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We chose Vespa Capital as an investment partner because of their track record developing technology businesses, supporting growth and working collaboratively with management teams.

Anthony Rafferty, CEO at Origo

Business Profile

Origo is the market leader in the provision of critical infrastructure SaaS technology to the pensions and lifetime savings industries. Origo has developed several market leading technology products across its two brands, Origo and Unipass, helping to transform the industry as well as connecting the market for the benefit of platforms, providers, financial advisers, and consumers. In 2021 Origo was awarded the contract to develop the central digital architecture for the UKs Pensions Dashboards Programme.

Origo services the pensions industry through the Origo Transfer Service, the core underlying technology utilised across the UK pensions industry to enable the efficient and secure transfer of pensions, as well as the Origo Integration Hub, software which enables standardised data to be shared between product providers and platforms, and adviser software systems.

Origo also provides technology to financial advisors through its Unipass brand. Unipass Identity enables advisers to securely log into multiple platforms and providers through a secure online passport, Unipass Letter of Authority is a cloud-based workflow tool which enables advisers to establish a letter of authority with platforms and providers, and Unipass Mailock is a secure encrypted email service specifically designed for the financial services market.

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Investment Date
May 2022
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Key Strengths

Vespa Capital invested in Origo in May 2022 attracted by its track record of building widely adopted, mission critical software, deep sector expertise and high quality management team.

  • Strong, ambitious and experienced management team who have worked with the business through the majority of its historical growth.

  • Deep and long term relationships with key stakeholders across the UK pensions industry including blue chip organisations and disruptive fintechs.

  • Five core SaaS solutions providing mission critical capabilities to the pensions and lifetime savings industries.

  • Proven capability to identify inefficient processes, poor connectivity or security protocols impacting the industry and developing and deploying effective technology solutions.

  • Origo has been appointed to provide the central digital architecture for the UK Pensions Dashboards Programme, which will help individuals see their pensions information securely, online and in one place, to support more people in the UK to engage with their financial future.

  • Significant growth potential through further penetration of established solutions, growth in new software solutions and new product development.

What our clients say

With the backing of Vespa Capital, we can take Origo to the next stage in our journey as the industry’s critical infrastructure fintech, continuing to invest in our existing product range and building new technology to help take the market forward.

What our clients say