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Software and audience engagement technology to facilitate AGMs

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We are very pleased that Vespa Capital will continue to back Lumi during the next stage of our growth. This investment allows Lumi to retain its independence in the market, and to continue to deepen our long-established relationships with our key clients

Richard Taylor, CEO at Lumi

Business Profile

Lumi is the global market leader in the provision of mission critical software and secure real-time audience engagement technology to facilitate Annual General Meetings for companies, associations or partnerships.

Lumi provides services and technology to enable the registration, live polling, Q&A and reporting for AGMs or similar meetings. The business is well-positioned to service an untapped market due to its strong and differentiated position and unique patented technology.

Lumi’s technology is increasingly being used by membership organisations with requirements for live voting such as sports federations, trade unions, faith based organisations and home owners associations. Lumi’s virtual voting technology allows members to participate remotely or in-room.

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Investment Date
March 2022
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Key Strengths

Vespa Capital invested in Lumi in April 2017 attracted by its global customer base, unique core technology and the strength and ambitions of the management team. In 2022, Vespa Capital recapitalised Lumi continuing the partnership with Richard Taylor and the wider senior leadership team with support from Investec Leverage Finance.

  • Strong management team; the CEO has developed and internationalised the business for over seven years and each international office has an experienced MD with a track record within the industry.

  • Long term and global relationships with multiple leading company registrars.

  • High levels of customer satisfaction and regular repeat business as a result of Lumi’s robust, market leading proposition.

  • Proprietary, patented software and hardware technology developed in conjunction with company registrars.

  • Lumi’s technology enables virtual and mobile AGMs which allow for greater participant engagement and significantly reduced meeting costs. In 2016, Lumi managed the UK’s first fully electronic AGM for Jimmy Choo.

  • Strong growth opportunities through further penetration of electronic voting services in target markets as well as the adoption of mobile voting and virtual meeting services for both AGMs and similar meetings.


What our clients say

Vespa Capital very quickly understood the growth opportunities in front of Lumi and were willing to move very fast as a result.  They had a clear empathy for the realities of a business of our size and stage and worked together with us to put together a deal which worked for the parties.  Most important of all to Lumi was that Vespa Capital worked with a high degree of transparency and integrity throughout.

What our clients say