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Manufacturer of quality cloth

Vespa Capital sold its investment in WSP Textiles in 2016

Business Profile

  • WSP textiles is a modern, speciality textile business producing technically superior performance products for the sports and leisure industry, specifically the coverings for tennis balls and snooker & pool tables.

  • Based in Stroud, Gloucestershire with a 250 year old heritage and global reach. WSP Textiles sells to over 40 countries worldwide with associates based in Singapore and Beijing.

  • Highly experienced team who balance the use of modern technology and skilled craftsmanship to create a unique product.

Key Strengths

Vespa Capital sold WSP Textiles to Iwan Simonis SA/Saluc SA in January 2016. The original acquisition was a carve out from a global corporate and Vespa Capital helped the management team establish the business as a stand alone company with its own finance and operational support functions. Vespa Capital also supported ongoing capital investment in modernising production machinery and processes.

  • Strong, experienced and professional management team.
  • Unrivalled technical skill base and know how.
  • Market leader in global woven tennis ball cloth, supplying all the major brands.
  • 'Strachan' snooker brand is the clear high quality market leader.
  • Exposure to growth markets, including Asia and South America.

What WSP Textiles

Vespa Capital managed to comprehensively assimilate the business and its drivers more effectively than any other party, and, in so doing, built up a significant degree of trust with the vendors, their advisors and the management team.

David Smith, CEO, WSP Textiles