Com Laude / Valideus

Com Laude / Valideus

Business profile

  • Com Laude is a corporate domain name registrar and Valideus is a market-leading consultancy which delivers strategic advice and services to Dot Brand new gTLD registry operators.
  • Head office is in London, with offices in USA and Spain.
  • Com Laude has been called “Probably the best domain name company in the world” by Legal Business Magazine.

Key Strengths

  • Experienced management team; Nick Wood and Lorna Gradden are regarded as ‘Thought Leaders’ within the industry. They are supported by a highly skilled management team.
  • Domain names are now regarded by corporations as critical infrastructure. Both companies are well positioned to benefit from the global desire of brand owners to secure rights in this growing domain name ecosystem.
  • Work at the intersection of Intellectual Property (IP) and technology and have invested significantly in core technologies and innovative platforms.
  • Com Laude works with leading global corporations, including 13 of Interbrand’s “Best 100 Global Brands of 2016”.
  • During Round One of ICANN’s new gTLD registry program, Valideus managed 120 applications, 18% of those submitted by brands.

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The opportunity to partner with Vespa Capital is an exciting moment for us. We are proud of our heritage and the quality of the team we work with. It is our staff’s expertise in the provision of domain management security and strategic advice that sets us apart. This investment will strengthen our market position and enable us to grow.

Lorna Gradden, Operations Director