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In-store audiovisual solutions

Vespa Capital sold its investment in Imagesound in 2016

Business Profile

  • Imagesound is a market leading supplier to the retail and leisure industry of background music, retail radio, digital signage and on-screen media solutions to enhance brand messaging.

  • The subsidiary Musicstyling serves the global luxury hotel industry creating bespoke playlists and subscription services to hotels globally.

  • Operating in 158 countries globally.

Key Strengths

Vespa Capital sold Imagesound to ECI Partners LLP in April 2016. Over the life of our investment, Vespa Capital supported Imagesound in the development of industry leading technology, including reporting and multi-platform digital music/video distribution systems. Vespa Capital also supported and encouraged the development of the senior team both in the UK and Overseas.

  • Strong management team.
  • Diverse growing global customer base.
  • Leading player in UK retail and leisure.
  • International expansion fuelled by technology leading, web based Download Player.
  • Recurring revenue on long term contracts with average life of 3 years.
  • Strong relationships with high profile blue chip customer base.
  • Unusually high customer satisfaction levels.

What Imagesound says

The management team are delighted to be partnering with Vespa Capital who have impressed us throughout the process in their commitment to the project, their level of understanding of our business and importantly structuring an equity solution that gives the company strength going forward.

Derek Mapp, Chairman, Imagesound