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Health screening services

Vespa Capital acquired Bluecrest Health Screening in 2019

Business Profile

  • Bluecrest is a leading provider of affordable private health screening services in the UK and Ireland to both individuals and corporate workforces. Health screenings enable the early detection of health issues and monitoring of trends to help individuals take control of their longer-term health.

  • Bluecrest conducts screenings from c.600 locations as well as from  corporate workplaces. This provides greater convenience, with less travelling and time taken off work and lower operating costs compared to traditional private hospitals enabling more affordable pricing.

  • 24/7 GP services allows customers to follow up on any issues within their personalised health reports. Aggregated and anonymised data is provided to corporates with insight into the wellbeing of their workforce to improve their health and reduce absence.

Key Strengths

Vespa Capital invested in Bluecrest in July 2019 attracted by its disruptive technology and unique position in the B2C market.

  • Face to face testing completed by trained professionals, with a wider scope of tests than mail order.
  • Comparable tests to those completed at private hospitals but, due to the lower cost operating model, Bluecrest’s prices are typically 60% to 70% lower.
  • c.600 screening locations, providing a much greater choice and convenience than hospital groups.
  • The ability to conduct screenings at corporate’s own location, reducing time taken off work.
  • Growth opportunities from continued penetration of the B2C market as well as continued growth in the underserved B2B market.
  • Plans to increase the scope of tests provided as well as accelerating investment in its technology platform.

What Bluecrest says

The support from private equity firm Vespa Capital is an endorsement of our vision to become the UK’s leading health screening provider. Led by our strengthened board of directors, we’re looking forward to working together to deliver an ambitious five year growth plan, which will see digital services leveraged and a consolidation of our corporate proposition.

Peter Blencowe, Managing Director, Bluecrest